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Fracture Case

These are x-rays of 48-year-old teacher who slipped and sustained a fracture/ dislocation of her left shoulder. The dislocated shoulder was reduced in the emergency room, however, the x-ray showed evidence of continued displacement of the fracture fragment. The fracture was repaired surgically to restore the normal anatomy and function.

Bankart Repair

This patient is a 21 year-old collegiate soccer player who has had two traumatic dislocations of his left shoulder.

This image shows the Hill-Sachs deformity or defect in the back of the humeral head as a result of the dislocation.

This arthroscopic image is inside of the shoulder with a separation of the labrum from the adjacent glenoid (socket).

After repair of the labrum to the glenoid we have restored the normal "bumper" effect of the labrum and thus improved the stability of the shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Tear

These are the pictures of a 54 year-old patient with a rather unique type of rotator cuff tear called a PASTA (Partial Articular Sided Tear). The entire rotator cuff is not torn but more than 50% of the tendon is torn on the under surface.

Arthroscopic view of torn fibers of the supraspinatus tendon

Anchors have been placed and sutures passed to secure the rotator cuff

After securing the sutures the normal anatomy of the rotator cuff insertion on the humeral head is restored.

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